Intellectual Property Broker Services

American Patent Ventures, LLC (APV) offers patent buying, selling, and licensing services for corporations, universities, researchers, and individual inventors.


Patenting an invention is expensive. Costs for writing, drafting, filing, and prosecution range from $5,0000 to $30,000 and beyond. Yet many individuals, companies, researchers, and universities have untapped patents protecting little and doing even less in terms of providing a return on investment. APV’s role as an intellectual property broker enables patent owners to leverage APV’s wealth of experience inventors to maximize their return on their technology investment.

Why Use an Intellectual Property Broker?

One of the most common questions patent owners have relates to the value of using a Patent Broker to monetize their intellectual property. The answer is straight forward and centers on American Patent Ventures’ role as a repeat player in the high-stakes game of enforcing patents. For example, patent owner should sell their patent(s) to an intellectual property broker like American Patent Ventures because:

First, APV has established relationships with what it considers to be the best patent litigators in their relevant technology field. Thus, APV can match the best patents to the best attorneys that best understand the complexities of the technology, the potential infringers, and the courts where any lawsuits might be brought.

Second, because APV is a “repeat player” in the patent litigation market, APV can drive better bargains than an individual could hope to do on his own. This means less money goes to attorneys, and more into the pockets of the patent owner.

Third, APV has established relationships with experts in many fields of technology. APV can leverage these relationships to lower costs and get timely, relevant insight into a patent.

Fourth, APV has experience in making critical decisions with very large amounts of money on the line to maximize return on investment. In contrast, infringers and defense counsel can easily take advantage of a patent owner’s financial weakness or inexperience to force a lower settlement than the patent owner might otherwise obtain.

In sum, American Patent Ventures brings true value for the patent owner to the table.

A Typical Transaction

An inventor (or organization) and APV sign a mutual non-disclosure agreement. The inventor then provides APV with information about the patent the inventor or corporation wants to sell. APV reviews the patent and consults with legal, technical, and financial experts. If approved, APV buys the patent or licenses the patent from the inventor and works with APV’s own counsel to monetize the patent.

As part of the transfer, the inventor/owner is usually granted a non-exclusive license to make, use, and sell the patented invention. APV acquires all the rights to license and/or litigate the patent against third parties and recover a substantial percentage of the litigation proceeds and/or royalties. The exact terms of every transaction vary. For more information, read about our Patent Buying Terms. In this way, the inventor gets the benefit of a patent, while avoiding most, if not all, of the out-of-pocket cost of counsel, researching infringers, enforcement, and litigation.

Sell your patent today by submitting it through our buy a patent form.

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